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5th European Conference on Social Media

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21-22 June 2018, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland

Mini Track on Social Media and the DIY Artist: How the development of social media has impacted on the music industries
Mini Track Chair: Dr Paul Oliver, University of West London. UK

Since the inception of the internet, DIY (do-it-yourself) artists and entrepreneurs working within the music industries have used social media in sophisticated ways to collaborate, create and disseminate their music online. Initially in the early 2000s with MySpace, then with Facebook and YouTube and now with Instagram and Snapchat, social media has revolutionised the way DIY artists and fans, and the wider music community, can interact with each other. Moreover, social media platforms have begun to expand and elaborate on existing features developing stronger possibilities to interact through live video streaming and storytelling which, in turn, makes it easier for organic DIY music communities to form on a global scale based on niche interests.

This mini track is asking for proposals to present research focusing on how social media has impacted on the music industries, particularly how DIY artists and entrepreneurs are using social media in innovative ways in order to build, engage and interact with their audience.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  •  Communication within local/global music scenes
  •  Social media as means for music collaboration and/or dissemination
  •  Musicians using social media features for fan interaction
  •  Micro-record label management through social media
  •  Social media as music PR
  •  Local music scenes and social media

Paul Oliver is a senior lecturer and researcher at the London College of Music, University of West London. His research focuses on the inter-relationship between DIY art and music-making, social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Paul has degrees in both Contemporary Popular Music and Business & Management as well as a PhD in Music Management. He has been and songwriter and musician for almost 20 years, having released recordings via his record label Ganbei Records. Paul regularly speaks at conferences and publishes in academic journal papers, most recently in a special edition for the Journal of Advances in Management Research, to be published soon.

Submission details

In the first instance a 300 word abstract is required, to be received by 30 November 2017. Submissions must be made using the online submission form at


If you have any questions about this track please email the mini track chair: [email protected]. See more about ECSM at http://www.academic-conferences.org/conferences/ecsm.

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