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35th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

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March 19-23, 2014
Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel

The ICFA welcomes papers on any aspect of the fantastic – broadly defined as including fantasy, science fiction, weird fiction, horror, gothic, and fairy tales – in Literature, Drama, Film, Music, Video Games and Comics. The Visual & Performing Arts and Audiences (VPAA) Division accepts papers on:

  • visual arts such as comic books, paintings, architecture, sculpture, photographs and illustrations;
  • the performing arts, including (film, TV, game, pop/rock) music, dance and theater;
  • games, including fanfic, fan artwork and cosplay;
  • transformative texts, both fan and professional, including mashups and viral marketing;
  • and audience/reception studies concerning audiences for any medium or genre of the fantastic.

This year, we are particularly interested in topics related to our theme, Fantastic Empires. From space operas to horror film to pop/rock music, the fantastic abounds in fabulous empires. ICFA 35 will investigate the widest range of topics relating to empire, including discussions of particular texts/sounds/performances, analyses of the hegemonic and counterhegemonic forces of empire, evaluations of individual resistances to imperialism (and of empires striking back), and various other aspects of the theme. We welcome proposals for scholarly papers and discussion panels that seek to examine, interrogate, and expand any research related to empire and the fantastic.

For more information on the IAFA and its conference, the ICFA, see  http://iafa.highpoint.edu.


Deadline for paper and panel proposals on the fantastic and/or empires is 31 October through the IAFA website, http://iafa.highpoint.edu/icfa-submissions. The VPAA Division Head is Isabella van Elferen. Queries can be sent to her email address,  [email protected] . Further contact information can be found below.

Please join us in Orlando in 2014.  We will add your intellectual and creative distinctiveness to our own.  Resistance is futile.

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