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The Handbook on Music Business and Creative Industries in Education  

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Call for Book Chapter Proposals
Editor: Daniel Walzer, Ph.D.

Creative arts professions remain in a period of flux. As the music industry and related fields adapt to changing business models, student interest in training for a career in the entertainment sector continues to rise. Though the expansion of global degree offerings in the creative industries expands each year, a “state of the field” on educational and pedagogical issues in the music business and the creative industries has yet to be created.

University educators serve a crucial purpose in preparing future graduates for a highly competitive path in the gig economy. The Editor invites proposals from a broad range of scholars and industry professionals working in the creative arts for the compendium, tentatively scheduled for release in early 2022. Discussions are underway with a publisher with details to be completed this summer. Topics might include:

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“Climates of Popular Music”, 21st Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music

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The most pressing issue for humanity in the 21st century is global climate, and thus IASPM’s 21st Conference turns its attention towards this subject. Whereas our 20th anniversary conference considered where we have been, we now ask where we are now, what we are doing as a species, and what impact it has on our communities and our world. On a planet increasingly interconnected by a dizzying array of media channels, such a discussion has to be broadly framed. Our planet’s climate is impacted by numerous forms of human activity, including those that are individual, personal, local, communal, institutional, commercial, corporate, cultural, political, and international. This conference invites presentations that ask how popular music relates to our climate, where climate relates to any part of the totality of surrounding conditions and circumstances affecting growth or development. By “climate,” we intend to include a range of definitions, including ecological climate, political climates, socio-political climates, and contextual and individuated climates. We ask presenters to consider the impacts of activities related to popular music and its cultures on variously defined climates, and the impacts of changing or changed climates on different popular music and its contexts.

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