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Island Festivals and Music Tourism

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15th International Small Island Cultures Conference (ISIC 15)
July 9 – 13, 2019 – The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus

The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, the Small Island Cultures Research Initiative and the Sydney Institute of Music (SICRI) and Sound Research, welcome proposals for paper and/or panel presentations from any disciplinary field, as well as from managers and practitioners who are interested in island issues, to the 15th International Small Island Cultures Conference (ISIC 15) – on the theme of “Island Festivals and Music Tourism”.

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Sustainable Sounds: Interrogating The Materials of Music Making Technologies

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Date: Saturday 11 May 2019
Venue: St. Cecilia’s Hall Concert Room and Music Museum, University of Edinburgh

The business of musical instrument manufacturing has grown over the last two centuries from a largely home-based craft industry to a globalized mass production industry. The range of materials used to make instruments has also increased: from renewable woods to precious metals, and from plastic to the data and energy consumption of virtual instruments. How has the changing materiality of instruments affected musical culture – economically, aesthetically, and ethically? We invite proposals for a one day conference on musical instruments, sound technologies, materiality, and sustainability. We welcome proposals for individual presentations on any aspects of musical instruments (and other music- and sound-making technologies) relating (but not limited) to the following topics: Read the rest of this entry »

Home of Metal Symposium and Workshop: Music Heritage, People and Place

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Friday 13-14th September 2019
Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research
Birmingham City University

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Friday 13th September 2019

This public symposium seeks to bring together researchers, policy makers, heritage and creative workers and musicians.

We welcome contributions from fans and heritage consumers in response to their experience of the Home of Metal exhibitions and events.

Home of Metal (HoM) is a heritage project created and led by the Capsule organization. Launched in 2011, supported by volunteers, building a crowd-sourced archive and curating a range of popular public events in Birmingham and the Black Country, HoM seeks to highlight and celebrate the value of Heavy Metal music and culture and the role in it of founding artists from the English midlands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Judas Priest. In 2017 the project went international in its reach, exploring metal culture around the world with a particular focus on Black Sabbath. As a result, in 2019 a range of exhibitions and events will take place in ‘celebration of an artform created in Birmingham that maintains significant global reach and influence.’ The value of this approach is indicated by the Wall Street Journal that has described the genre as the real ‘World Music’, that ‘Heavy Metal has become the unlikely soundtrack of globalisation’ (2016).

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Music and Democracy: beyond Metaphors and Idealization

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21 June 2019
University of Huddersfield

Convened by Igor Contreras Zubillaga (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Huddersfield) and Robert Adlington (University of Huddersfield)
Keynote speaker: Esteban Buch (CRAL/EHESS, Paris)

Democracy has been an ideal for musicians throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Musicians working in fields including modern composition, jazz, improvisation, orchestral social inclusion projects, and online networked performance have been drawn to democracy as a metaphor and ideal for legitimising their practice. How are we to understand such appeals to the concept of democracy, in the musical field? Although the concept of democracy tends spontaneously to arouse approval and adherence, consideration should be given to the great diversity of uses that have been made of it (and continue to be made nowadays), the multiplicity of forms of democracy, and the historicity of democratic systems. These complex facets of democracy became especially apparent in the political context of transition to democracy after an authoritarian regime, leading to a struggle between different ‘ideas’ of democracy. Therefore, a careful scrutiny of what ‘democratic’ means and a close analysis of the relations being produced, for whom, and why, seem necessary in each particular case.

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Music and Social Movements: A one-day symposium at Northumbria University

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30 November 2018

This symposium, funded by the US Embassy and Northumbria University, will bring together academic historians, graduate students, and teachers to examine the role that music played in various oppositional social movements that were active in the post-World War II period in the United States.

Participants will think through how we teach and write about the ways that popular music relates to minority group understanding, political protest, religious identity, and more. Topics for discussion will include Live Aid, feminism, oral history, protest, civil rights, and Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America.’ The event will include an interactive workshop at which participants will discuss how we interrogate and use documents related to music.

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