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Imperfection as an Aesthetic Idea in Music: Perspectives from Musicology and Artistic Research

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Venue: University for Music and the Performing Arts, Graz, Austria (Kunstuniversität Graz)
Dates: May 6 and 7th, 2020
Submission Deadline: 15 October 2019
Languages: English and German
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Seth Brodsky (University of Chicago)

Web address: https://musikaesthetik.kug.ac.at/institut-14-musikaesthetik/symposien/imperfection-as-an-aesthetic-idea-in-music.html

When we look to music, are we looking for perfection? Or does imperfection ultimately have more aesthetic value for us as practitioners and researchers? Historically, perfection has been treated with suspicion as an aesthetic idea in general.  Already in the 1757 On the Sublime and the Beautiful, Edmund Burke mused that “beauty in distress is the most affecting beauty”; Heinrich Kleist, in his 1810 On the Marionette Theater, further suggested that perfection in art only resided beyond the domain of the properly human.  In recent discussions of aesthetics in the more specific realm of music, however, the issue of imperfection has most often been discussed with primary reference to musical improvisation, although additional topics have sometimes been part of the discourse in musicology and artistic research.

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Researching Live Music: Gigs, Tours, Concerts and Festivals

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Following publisher feedback, the previously advertised title of ‘Studying Live Music and Festivals’ has been amended to the following title, and is now under contract with Taylor & Francis/Routledge:

Researching Live Music: Gigs, Tours, Concerts and Festivals

Edited by:

Chris Anderton (Solent University, Southampton, UK)
Sergio Pisfil (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK)

We would like to encourage scholars from all disciplines to present chapter proposals for research that relates to one of three broad areas of the live music ecology. First, research that reconsiders the role of technology in the production of music events. Second, research that examines the complex set of industries and issues that surround the promotion and business of live music. Finally, research that explores the social issues and factors involved in the consumption of live music performances. Our objective is to bring together solid methodological and theoretical positions to provide a critical resource that casts new light on the practices of live music – past or present, and from any part of the world. 

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Special issue of the Journal of Festive Studies on “The Materiality of Festivity”

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In previous issues, the Journal of Festive Studies explored the emerging academic sub-field of festive studies (broadly defined) and the politics of carnival. For this issue, we follow Peter-Paul Verbeek’s advice and look at “the things themselves,” i.e. at the material culture in which carnivals and other festivities are rooted (Verbeek, 2005).

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British Forum for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference 2020

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16-19 April 2020
Bath Spa University, Newton Park, Bath, UK

Keynote speaker: Dr Angela Impey (SOAS, University of London)

As with all BFE Annual Conferences we welcome papers and panels on any aspect of current ethnomusicological research.

The 2020 theme will be Music, Culture and Nature.

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78-88: Prince, The First Decade: An Interdisciplinary Conference.

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A two-day international conference hosted by The School of Arts and Media, University of Salford, United Kingdom and  the Department of Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University, USA.

June 3 & 4, 2020,  The Robert E. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center, University of Minnesota, 2001 Plymouth Ave. N., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Organising Committee:

Dr Mike Alleyne, Dept. of Recording Industry, College of Media & Entertainment, Middle Tennessee State University.

Dr Kirsty Fairclough, School of Arts and Media, University of Salford, UK.

Kristen Zschomler, Minneapolis-based historian and writer, Sound History, LLC.

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